Punch the negativity with some activity: How sports and games build our mental and physical health

Do you remember the times when we were all kids? When we all would often step out of our homes in the evening, have our fair share of physical activities and games, and then return back with sore muscles and a few scratches here and there. Today, that lifestyle is long gone. With the advent of technology in our lives our physical activity is limited to pushing a few buttons on our laptops and mobiles phones.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of playing games and being physically active for the betterment of our physical and mental health.

Most of us understand the physical benefits of sports and games, that they help us keep a check on our weight, lower our blood pressure levels and cut down the risks of getting sick, but what we ignore is the psychological benefits that it has on our mental health.

So, what are the key benefits of having a physically active lifestyle? Let’s find out:

1. Depression and anxiety control: Exercises and games are scientifically proven to uplift our moods and counter the symptoms of anxiety and depression. When we are physically active our body produces “Endorphin” which in general language is also termed as the ‘Feel Good’ enzyme, and is responsible for us experiencing happiness and euphoria. Even a little exercise throughout the week can have a lasting effect on our mental well-being, and can help us cut the ties with depression and anxiety for good.

2. Stress control and better decision making: Stress and clouded consciousness can hamper our cognitive thinking abilities and make us take wrong decisions in our lives. When we exercise it increases the heart rate, which in turn triggers the production of various neurohormones like Norepinephrine, which not only has a direct impact on our mood but also puts us in a state where we can make clear and better decisions.

3. Heightened self-esteem and confidence: When we regularly indulge in some kind of physical activities through games and sports, it improves our fitness, but most importantly it also provides us with a sense of belonging and accomplishment. It nurtures our self-esteem and confidence by making us look sharper and more adaptive towards the changes that come our way. We get used to feeling unstoppable in whatever we do, and without even trying hard we provide nourishment to our mind, body and soul all at once.

4. Better sleep cycles: If you are someone who turns and tosses a lot before eventually falling asleep, including an exercise regime in your to do list can work wonders for you. When we exercise regularly it has a calming effect on our mind in direct sense, which eventually leads to better sleep cycles and fresher mood. Though improved sleep is one of the key benefits of being physically active on day to day basis, one should avoid exercising close to the sleeping schedule.

5. Improved brain activity: It has been found in various studies and experiments that exercising and playing games leads to better intelligence and memory power in humans. With better brain performance we can tap into our hidden potentials and provide a boost to our creativity and learning instincts. It’s no wonder that people often come up with great ideas while they are out for a walk or are indulged in some sort of physical activity.

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