It is as much a matter of miracle as chance that the great modern cities of the world are what they are today. In the Deccan Plateau of India, years & years ago, a piece of land was ploughed and like any other civilisation, the founding crop of Poona/Pune was sowed. Perhaps the Pune of 2022, as we know it, didn’t have the same name or the recognition then, yet today it stands as a remarkable symbol of human evolution.

It is often said that 21st Century Cities are transitioning into concrete jungles, and the rapid industrial growth of Pune might incline people to believe so. Arguable no doubt, however, a city is not just the sum of its parts, it’s much more. Desmond Dorris had this quote ‘A city is not a concrete jungle, it’s a human zoo.’ Amusing as it may, it holds true across the board. What makes the city truly special are the people.

From landmark structures of Shaniwarwada & Aga Khan Palace to the legacy businesses of Bajaj, Bharat Forge & Kirloskar. From the cultural heart of Kothrud & Ranga Mandirs to the knowledge banks of Pune Nagar Vachan Mandir, Fergusson, FTII, COEP - it’s the Oxford of the East, of course. From the iconic streets of FC Road & JM Road to the ever-youthful tekdis of Vetal & Taljai. From the renowned Chitale Bandhu Bakarwadi to the Good Luck Cafe Bun Maska or the Amrutullya Fakkad Chai. From the historical peths to the blooming IT parks of Hinjewadi & Kharadi. And the list goes on.

All these places, dreamy as they sound, are what they are because of the people who created them, who built them brick by brick, literally & metaphorically, and who breathed life into them. It is the people, the true Puna Wale that made it possible. How fascinating it is that, be it eating Kanda Bhajjia at the first sight of rain or chilling at the nearest Katta, they make even the routine feel extraordinary.

One location, that doesn’t just stand distinctly because of its name but also represents the best that Pune/Puna/Poona has to offer - It’s Punawale. When we say Punawale, we also extend our emotion to mean Puna Wale and it's a beautiful duet.

With the best of education, healthcare, accessibility, nature and community living, Punawale has everything that can make you a true Punekar and rally with this great city.

The slogan & the poem #HumHainPunawale summarises the beauty being in Punawale, quite delightfully:

Kuch toh khaas hai Punawale mein,

Poona ki baat hai Punawale mein.

Tarakki ke kisse bhi hain, wadiyon ke hisse bhi hain.

Sheher ke shor se dur aur Poona ke dil ke kareeb bhi hain.

School ho ya college, daftar ho ya hospital, paas sabke hi hain.

Bheed-bhaad se dur aur apno ke nazdeek bhi hain.

Family Time is important kehne wale,

Location dekh ke invest karne wale,

Work aur passion mein balance rakhne wale,

Growth aur gain dono samajhne wale,

Sabko saath leke chalne wale.

Hum Hai Puna Wale

Live the best of Punawale at My Home Punawale - An abode for the Punekar in you.