Each home is incomplete without the warmth of a loving family. It is the togetherness wrapped in love between family members that turn a House into a Home.

In India, families have always been a dynamic social institution. The idea of family has evolved over time with the backdrop of industrialisation, urbanization and amalgamation of cultures from across the world. We are continually progressing irrespective of whether we're a traditional or modern family.

When it comes to Indian family law, there might not be one solution that fits everyone. Each circumstance is distinct and needs to be assessed on its own merits.

One such incident, this year, made the Supreme Court pass a landmark judgement. The verdict stemmed from the case of a remarried nursing officer, Deepika Singh who was denied maternity leave for her biological child – on the grounds of taking childcare leave for her stepchildren. It doesn’t mean that they’re less of a family. To which the Supreme Court assessed: Families can be in the form of domestic, unmarried partnerships, and undefined relationships.

“These manifestations of love and of families may not be typical but they are as real as their traditional counterparts. Such atypical manifestations of the family unit are equally deserving not only of protection under the law but also of the benefits available under social welfare legislation,” the Bench said. It is rightly said that a good metric to track the development of a nation is the development of national law

The case raised concerns about the rights granted to foster parents, adoptive parents, and step-parents such as Deepika. Often there are stigmas & prejudices attached to them. As a result of this, they face many hurdles to recognition & acceptance by society. Finding a space to call their own could be one of the social hurdles. With time, the hope is that all families have a home where they feel secure and content.

As a business with a strong focus on family and values, we recognise that family is too broad a concept to be shackled by a linear understanding of it. Every family needs a home where they can be themselves. After all, it is the family that combines our structures to make a happy home of it.

A home where people share loving memories, where the feeling of comfort is never forgotten, and where everyone comes together to celebrate life.


we have a home for all families.
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