Despite the growing awareness about the different aspects of our health, there is so much to know, understand & act upon. Let’s talk about mental health.

Did you know that the choice of your home can affect your mental health?

The location, the amenities, the community; all of them. They can determine what kind of life we lead - how we engage with daily events, how we deal with stress, how we interact & relate with others and perhaps most importantly, how we make rational decisions.

It may not be obvious, but it is extremely important.

For example, living in a particular neighbourhood plays an active role in determining your state of mind. Picture this, you are about to leave for an important meeting and you look outside to see it’s pouring. A 45-minute drive usually takes you over an hour today. It makes you irritable as well as anxious. You think about what a breeze it would have been if you lived near your office space.

But you’re interrupted by the honking of cars and these overstimulated noises from the surroundings affect your mood for the rest of the day. As a result, everything that follows is a domino effect.
This is just one instance, one factor that can mean so much - the location. There are many lifestyle choices that affect your mental well-being such as not getting enough sunlight, sitting idle, distorted working & sleeping schedules, not enough space, and not enough relaxation.
It’s time to rethink.
Most of these problems can be solved by choosing your home consciously. And for that, you have to make small choices that go a long way.

Finding a home closer to your place of work, that’s one. Opting for a living that has your essentials close to you like groceries, education & healthcare, that’s two.

Next, looking for the right set of amenities - a co-working space so that you have the space to hustle from home, a gymnasium to keep your body moving, and a meditation room for your peace of mind.

Having the freedom to go out and basque in the lap of nature, that’s one more.

My Home Kiwale is one such place where you can find all of it under one roof.

Nestled away from the city in the lush greenery, near the Pune-Mumbai Highway makes it a perfect location for all, especially the IT professionals of Hinjewadi & other hubs in PCMC. The amenities certainly add to the appeal.

There isn’t one answer to achieving perfect mental health, but My Home Kiwale can be your one step forward in the right direction.

With your well-being at its optimum level, #LiveInspired at My Home Kiwale.