Why is inspiration so important?

Inspiration! – The secret sauce behind creativity and newness in our lives.

From IT professionals to Bankers and from Architects to Creative artists, everyone is looking for a moment of inspiration, which can shape the next big thing in their lives.

But, Inspiration doesn’t come on its own, there has to be a perfect setup around you, your purpose, timing and place has to align together to eventually lead you to that Eureka moment.

We are where we are as humans because of the cascading effect of all the inspirational moments that our scientists, poets, builders, doctors and all other professionals have had in their lives.

Getting inspired is not just about self-growth, it has a bigger purpose in life. When we get inspired, we change things around us, we take positive actions which lead to more positive outcomes.

As a repercussion of continued positivity, a single person has the ability to bring about a wave of changes in the world, which otherwise could never be anticipated.

It was one moment of inspiration which made Aeroplanes fly, it was one single moment of inspiration which filled Archimedes with joy and made him run naked on the streets after he discovered The Archimedes Principle (the basic foundation behind ships and boats floatation). From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the amazing Taj Mahal, it was one thought which made them possible to exist today.

If we look closely and try to find the secret recipe behind the most inspired moments in the human history, we can easily pin point a few common things, or precisely common setups which helped the people get inspired and do extra ordinary things in their lives.

Though a lot of people have a common conception, that inspiration sees no time and place to strike, it is only partially true. Yes, you can have a moment of inspiration while walking on the road or simply travelling on a bus, but at the end of the day to contemplate the thoughts and shape them into meaningful objects of inspiration, we all need to get in THE ZONE, and the zone can only be found at one place, your Home!

Every great writer who has ever lived, had a fixed place to write for a reason, it helped them get in the zone and squeeze out the best out of their ongoing chain of thoughts.

Inspiration is what makes the bulb above our head light up, it is a common pursuit of every individual on planet earth and it shall be regarded as one of the most noble one too.

So, the next time you are out there hunting for a house, always consider this thought- will this place help me be inspired? Does this home provide me with an ideal setup which will help me explore the best of my Place, Time and value? If the answer is yes! You know the next step.